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The International Forum on the Future of Constitutionalism welcomes you to The Global Summit, a first-of-its-kind multi-lingual and multi-timezone academic event for scholars of all ranks around the world, from undergraduate students to senior professors. The Global Summit offers students and scholars the opportunity to showcase their ideas in all areas of constitutionalism, to highlight their own publications and those of their friends and colleagues, to engage in rewarding intellectual exchange, and to enjoy occasions for informal interaction.

This Call for Papers is available in six different languages: Chinese (Simplified) or (Traditional), English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Submissions are welcome in any of these six languages.

The Program

The Global Summit will be held live online via Internet over five consecutive days from January 12 to January 16, 2021. Each day will feature a plenary program as well as concurrent panels. The plenary program will highlight new ideas in the field of constitutionalism and will feature a diverse and gender-balanced mix of early-career scholars, mid-career scholars, and senior scholars from all around the world.

Concurrent panels will feature submissions from registrants on any subject in constitutionalism, whether focused on theory or practice, and whether taking comparative, doctrinal, empirical, historical, philosophical, sociological or any other approach. All submissions are welcome and all registrants will be given a seat at The Global Summit.

Registrants will be invited to attend all sessions live as they are occurring, though the number of virtual seats for each session will be limited. And all sessions will be recorded and thereafter made available for a limited time to all registrants following the end of The Global Summit. Registrants will therefore have the opportunity to watch recordings of the live sessions they may have missed–and they will have the chance to watch their own panel as well.

How to Submit a Paper or Panel

Registrants are invited to propose one fully-formed panel consisting of no more than 6 persons in total, including one chair and one optional discussant. If you would like to identify other scholars in order to build a fully-formed panel on a theme of shared interest, scholars may find each other at this Facebook group.

Alternatively, registrants are invited to make one individual submission. The Convening Committee will group individual submissions by theme into panels.

Please note that fully-formed panel proposals are preferred.

In either case, registrants may appear on the program only once unless expressly invited by the Convening Committee to serve in a special capacity for an approved program.

Submissions may be made here: When your submission is approved, you will be given details on how to complete your registration.

Cost to Register

The Convening Committee believes that the cost of registration should vary according to your level of seniority. The Global Summit, therefore, establishes the following registration costs:
• Undergraduate student, degree-in-progress: 15 USD
• Graduate student, degree-in-progress: 20 USD
• Fewer than 5 years since graduation: 30 USD
• Fewer than 10 years since graduation: 35 USD
• Fewer than 15 years since graduation: 40 USD
• More than 15 years since graduation: 50 USD
• Retired: 35 USD

Approved applicants with financial need will be invited to request financial assistance when the time comes to register for The Global Summit.

Deadlines to Submit and to Register

There are two relevant deadlines.

The deadline to submit a proposal for a paper or a fully-formed panel is 8 pm (local time in Ottawa, Canada) on October 1, 2020. There will be no exceptions.

All applicants will be notified about the status of their submission no later than October 15, 2020.

The deadline to register after receiving notice that your submission has been approved is 8 pm (local time in Ottawa, Canada) on November 15, 2020. There will be no exceptions. Approved applicants will receive a separate link to complete their registration for The Global Summit.

Summit Languages

The Convening Committee recognizes that some scholars may prefer to write and/or speak in a conference setting in a language other than English. The Global Summit therefore welcomes scholars to make a submission in any one of the following languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Panels will be conducted entirely in one of these six languages. For instance, if a registrant submits a proposal for a fully-formed panel consisting of papers in Portuguese, that panel will be conducted in Portuguese. The same will apply to proposals made in any of the other five languages. Please note translation services will not be provided.

Summit Scheduling

Concurrent sessions at The Global Summit will be held at different times of the day to accommodate registrants in different regions of the world. Registrants will be given the opportunity to express a scheduling preference for their own panel. The Convening Committee will endeavor to schedule panels at a time convenient for each registrant.

Informal Conversations and Connections

The Global Summit will feature opportunities for informal conversations and connections outside of the plenary program and the concurrent panels. This innovation will bring scholars across borders closer together, drawing on the many possibilities for virtual interaction.

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